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Fashion designers, creatively portrayed

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fashion students 20110523_1045

Last week I’ve made a group portrait of students of fashion design in Ljubljana at Katedra za oblikovanje tekstilij in oblačil. In my series of creative portraits for Mladina weekly I usually make a portrait of a person, not very often a group portrait, but this portrait was about students that will have a great fashion show on 2nd of June 2011 at Kino Šiška.

It’s so hard to make an interesting group portrait. When I stepped in the room, I noticed many, many of those dolls and I knew I need them for the picture. In the middle of the room were tables. I knew I can’t build a compact composition if I will have a huge rectangular in the middle of the room, so I decided to move tables a side. You can see there are many many tables and I wasn’t sure if the room will look better with tables at the side, but I was sure it doesn’t work with tables in the middle so I got people engaged with moving tables to the side. That was the most tense moment for me. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I needed to give an impression I know exactly what I’m doing, so people would trust me. Did I say I’m awfully good at that? Anyhow, when I got a huge hole in the middle of the room, I asked people to bring drawing chairs from other room and align them strictly.

My concept was, OK, if I can not highlight a single person, I will depersonalize the portrait using patterns and perspective. I explained to students that I want to picture them as a platoon of Chinese sewers. Few of them found it funny, but few of them got really upset. Anyhow I asked them to trust me and on the end we all loved the image.