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My new atelier is open!

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Dear readers,

I am not publishing my vlog this time. I have lots of material ready, but it will take me another day or two to edit it. For now, please enjoy these images that are reflecting my work on the atelier. I couldn’t make it without generous support of carpenters Tina Antić and Rožle Matko, my brother Peter Peterlin and Anže Grabeljšek.

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24 April, 2018 at 13:44

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Vintage studio backgrounds of Josip Pelikan, dated about 1930’s

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Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Vintage background from skylight studio Josip Pelikan, MNZC museum, Celje, Slovenia.

Astrid asked me if I could take a picture of fantastic vintage studio backgrounds that were using Josip Pelikan, so after I got a permission from the museum I’m publishing them on my blog. On Flickr you can download a hires file of the image, just click all sizes. Vintage backgrounds are dated about 1930’s. The skylight studio was built in 1898 and bought by Josip Pelikan in 1922. Nowadays Josip Pelikan Photographic Studio is a branch of the Celje Museum of Recent History. If you going to use the files to make your own vintage look studio background, just leave a note in the back that it was done on the basis of backgrounds from Josip Pelikan Studio, Celje, Slovenia, EU. A lot of people from MNZC museum worked hard to renovate the skylight studio and we owe them at least a credit. THX.

I’ve been thinking. My friend ordered a painted movie poster from India and if you know a painter’s service like that, share the info and good luck! Perhaps we can make a group order and get a discount. Just a thought…

Yesterday I was portraying in the studio and I’ve made this plate. Also a colleague photojournalist Andraž Purg came by and made a portrait of me.

Portrait by Borut Peterlin in wet plate collodion technique in skylight Studio Pelikan, Celje, Slovenia, EU.Borut Peterlin in Josip Pelikan Studio

New site bookbinding and wedding photography

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My wife Alenka Peterlin has a new site! She is specialized in bookbinding and wedding photography. Check her site designed by herself and developed by my brother Peter Peterlin. 6

Zmago Jeraj, portrait for Striptiz rubric

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Zmago Jeraj, creative portrait by Borut Peterlin
Zmago Jeraj is really great painter, based in Maribor. I liked his work what I saw on the internet and from invitation to his exhibition. When I visited his exhibition in Umetnostna galerija Maribor and I was persuaded in his mastery. I was thinking long time about the idea for the picture and I came up with this silhouette concept as a metaphor of every picture is artists self portrait. After the portrait we chat for an hour about art. I did the picture already last Monday. This Saturday after Blogres I visited few galleries and I stopped also at Mestna Galeria Ljubljana, where they have really great show From Mercator collection. There are really a lot of paintings, but one winter evening scene caught my attention. It reminded me the feeling I was photographing in my 5am project. I checked who’s the author and guess who it was… Zmago Jeraj.

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23 June, 2008 at 16:58

Slavoj Žižek, a philosopher portraited by Borut Peterlin

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Slavoj Zizek, a philosopherSlavoj Zizek, a philosopherSlavoj Zizek, a philosopherSlavoj Zizek, a philosopherSlavoj Zizek, a philosopherSlavoj Zizek, a philosopher

I had an honor to portrait Slavoj Žižek, probably the most famous and important Slovenian alive. His lectures are like rock concerts where students come and listen in thousands. He is notorious Marxist and he’s also recognized as a hero in Russia.

Anyhow I decided to do this portrait in a studio, to have enough peace and control over the shoot. Although I didn’t publish any studio picture on this blog, I used to work with Toscani in his studio and at FAMU academy thought us also about studio. Anyway it’s easier to work in a good studio then outside. I hired a studio from Aljoša Rebolj, Studio Bomba and it’s fantastically equipped with all sorts of lights, dressing room, two studios white and black, it has even WLAN network! Aljoša is super kind, and it was a true pleasure to meet him. If you want to hire the studio send him an email to aljosarebolj(a) Last but not least I had also good assistants so we finished the shoot in 30 min as we planned from the start. Thank you so much Aljoša, Manca and Klemen. Here are some portraits of us: Aljoša Rebolj, Manca Jevšček, Klemen Ilovar, B5

Backstage photos by Manca Jevšček.


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4 June, 2008 at 00:19