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Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Križaj

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Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Križaj 20101123_4301

Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Križaj are authors of theater performance …in kliči me Antonia (…AND CALL ME ANTONIA). The theater performance is questioning the figure of women’s body in today’s pop culture, that is robbed of it’s personality and emotions and represented merely as an object of lust. This portrait is commissioned by Mladina weekly.

PS: I knew I want to do something along their concept, but didn’t had a clue how will I do it. We’ve met on the pump station (public space) and then I saw this sign and thought it would be funny. Sometimes people being portrayed wants to be recognizable (DAAAA!) but they really loved the idea and in 15 min we had a picture!

Janez Pipan – new creative portrait

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Janez Pipan, a theater director that directed a theater performance Persona, drama of Ingmar Bergman (famous film director).

This is my today’s portrait in my epic project of creative portraiture for Striptiz rubric of Mladina weekly. For this portrait I took a different approach, highly influenced by Erica Iris Simmons

Theater performance Livingstonov zadnji poljub directed by Nana Milčinski

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
20100408_730320100408_1172_photo_alenka peterlin

A theater performance “Livingstonov zadnji poljub” is based on a book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull“, directed by Nana Milčinski. I was so impressed that words can’t describe and unfortunately also this pictures can’t. I came to a theater just after a training completely exhausted. In this trainings I push myself as far as I can go and although rarely people understand what’s this all about, it’s actually an exploration of physical and psychological boundaries of a being. And this was exactly what Richard Bach was describing in his book and when I saw the interpretation of the theater director Nana Milčinski it moved me deeply, profoundly.

Nana Milčinski 20100401_6573
Here is my portrait of Nana Milčinski, published in this issue of Mladina in Striptiz rubric.

Janja Majzelj – New Striptiz creative portrait

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Janja Majzelj, an actress was portrayed for Mladina weekly – Striptiz rubric. The assignment was in the contest of her theater performance “Chrysanthemum on Grand Piano” in Mladinsko gledališče. My first association was fantastic portrait of Stravinsky behind grand piano by Arnold Newman. I had a few scenarios that didn’t work out. First of all there is a grand piano in Mladinsko gledališče, but it was in a storage, unaccessible. We had to use a small piano. I was trying to get a chrysanthemum, but I couldn’t get a fresh flower and I wasn’t impressed by artificial chrysanthemum. On the end I decided to build a picture around a reflection on small piano.

I used a two studio flashes. One behind a piano, facing a wall and second one with a honeycomb grid, that focus the light.

Portrait of Primož Ekart, an actor

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Primož Ekart foto 20100210_9173
Primož Ekart foto 20100210_9155Primož Ekart foto 20100210_9150

Here are few portraits of Primož Ekart, a renown actor interviewed in this issue of Mladina. We had a first photo-shoot on Tuesday, but my brand new CF card got ruined and all images were lost. We re-shoot the images on Wednesday morning. You can imagine how stressful it was. Not to mention the snowy roads… The best picture is the first one, but I can’t decide between the third and the second one?

The same thing happen to me last week, but Kotar succeed to rescue almost all images for 60 EUR, but this week workers that work on this expensive hardware for recovery, were abroad until next week. Too much!!!

To explain the CF memory loss briefly. Brand new card reader (don’t remember the brand, but no-name basically) works normally with old version of Sandisc CF cards, but when I wanted to write an IPTC info on new Sandisk CF card III 60 MB/sec it just died and all images were lost, no computer could detect a CF card anymore. As I understand cardreader is to be blamed, although I don’t understand why it read/write perfectly on Sandisc CF card II 30 MB/sec. A nightmare…

Striptiz creative portrait of actresses Teja Reba and Leja Jurišić

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Teja Reba and Leja Jurišić 20100112_1968

Teja Reba (infront) and Leja Jurišić are actresses that were performing in theater performance Med nama (Between us) in Stara Elektrarna theater, Ljubljana. New shows are scheduled for 3. & 4.2.2010 at 20.00.

Picture was made for Mladina weekly for a Striptiz rubric (more far out portraits HERE)

The idea for the picture comes from press material that I could read and I wanted to make a picture about dominance, control, harsh, but still female kind of picture. Sure erotic, but can you imagine the posture of man and women like that? hm… now I realized that the picture would work if man would be in front and female would be “hugging” him. Anyway in this case the picture works because there are two women and because of that the portrait can be harsher, more direct, less discreet, more brutal. My first intention was to retouch background out, but when I’ve set colors, I liked the pipes and door. It makes it even harsher, then it would be completely clean – studio like.

PS: Dear readers od my blog,
lately I don’t find enough time to write blog. Reasons are many. THe construction of our house is going really well, I’m finishing with teaching at Sežana faculty for photography for this year, working for Mladina, but also for a lot of corporate clients. Last, but not least I discovered that the quality of my life increase dramatically if I have enough sleep, so I’m not burning midnight oil for this blog. No doubt, I’ll keep on blogging, but I must admit I prefer Muay Thai and chess.

New Striptiz portrait – Nejc Smodiš and Seba Šeremet

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20090810_0035 Nejc Smodiš (brother of Matjaž Smodiš) and Seba Šeremet are artists from Novo mesto, Slovenia. They are painting, illustrating and making sculptures of fantastic nightmare creatures and when I saw it I wanted to make their portrait for my Striptiz portrait rubric in Mladina weekly.

I’ve “glued” two pictures together. First I’ve shot a picture with Nejc and Seba, illuminating them with a 1sqare meter large softbox. Then Nejc had to leave and on next shot I’ve illuminated the dolls with a torch. Of course camera was on a tripod.

New Striptiz portrait – Dragana Alfirević, an actress

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dragana alfirevic by 20090512_1818
Dragana Alfirević is an actress that had a theater performance in Theater Glej. Mosaic theater performance is exploring contemporary paradigm of a women in a context of feminism and women in art. In the performance a body of women is exposed to double treat of public / privat, object / subject. Theater performance was today and also tomorrow on Tuesday 19th of May 2009 in Theater Glej.

For this portrait I used two flashes, one 1500Ws in the back and second one with softbox, but diffused light by softbox was a bit wage. I wanted harsher and more dramatic light so I used detached SB-900, set it on 1/64 power and illuminated separately face, arms, legs, flowers,… That was much better effect. i was shooting for almost an hour. On the end I liked two pictures. On first one was better environment with dramatic shadows, but second one was better the portrait of Dragana. I merged two pictures in Photoshop. I could do it in one take, but I was late for next news photo-term and I had to run.

More Striptiz portraits you can see HERE. They are commissioned by Mladina weekly.

A reader of my blog asked me some time ago how do I do it that face is in normal colors and environment is all blue. You could do it in several ways. First I set up vibrance really high like 80-100 and then I take out the color with desaturation like -10. Secondly I use normal saturation tool (ctrl + U) and choose a color I want to saturate or desaturate and on the end I make a selection around flowers for instance and set it exactly as I wanted. If you want more details in this direction I can describe it. I just find out some wicked tricks how and when to use recovery and fill in tools.

Neda R. Bric – new Striptiz portrait

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neda r. bric foto 20090505_9917
Neda R. Bric is a theater director in Mladinsko gledališče. In this picture she is portrayed on a bicycle – a requisite of the theater show about brothers Rusjan, Slovenian flight pioneers. Portrait commissioned by Mladina for Striptiz creative portrait rubric.

For this picture I’ve selectively illuminated her on the bicycle with a torch. I made something like 8 exposures, but on the end I’ve chose three. One that looked 90% perfect I used as a background. On that I add a second layer with a flashed face and expression and third layer was the exhaust pipe that was not so good on the background layer. I also changed color temperature of the exhaust into orange.

Neda R. Bric PS: I’ve just realized that layer of exhaust was set to normal blending mode, whereas it’s much better screen for upper part of exhaust and lighten for bottom part of exhaust. Here it’s the result and you compare. Small, but important difference. If I do a photoshop montage I want it perfect. flight

Damjan Kozole, a creative portrait for Striptiz rubric

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damjan kozole 20081114_3828Damjan Kozole one of the most recognized film director in Slovenia. His latest project is a theater show Noč ali klic v sili (Night or call of distress)in Slovensko Mladinsko Gledališče in Ljubljana. This portrait is commissioned by Mladina weekly. I imagined a portrait that is merging two worlds of Dajman Kozole, that is film and theater world. I decided for this concept and it’s summing up many layers. The theater act is called Night or Call in distress, so picture have an element of night, an element of distress and it has of course an element of comedy, that is also an important part of theater act Night. The silhouette is done by a famous Slovenian actor Ivo Godnič, who is also the main actor of the show and he resembles to Hitchcock silhouette.

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15 November, 2008 at 11:38