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Photo-Movie as a teaser before a theater performance by Bertolt Brecht

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Tomorrow the theater Anton Podbevšek Teater is having a premier theater performance OD-LOČITEV V MUKDENU / Bertolt Brecht: Dajevec. Nejevec in Ukrep. This is a theater performance by Bertolt Brecht and few days before his death he was asked which of his works present a theater of the future and he without hesitation answered Die Maßnahme. Theater director Matjaž Berger was intrigued by this statement and made this performance. The central theme of all three parts is dealing with a sacrifice of an individual in relation to a collective. The most touching moment is a statement of Peter Čeferin, the famous lawyer that defended Albanian miner workers from Stari trg in year 1989. This was the most notorious trial in former Yugoslavia, a huge violation of human rights and obvious political trial. Theater director Matjaž Berger draw a correlation of Bertolt’s abstract idea into real life event that happened in our former country in relative recent times.

I’ve made this photo-movie with photographs, an interview with the theater director, sound from the show and a theme song. It is a sort of teaser before the premier of the show and I think this kind of Photo-movies are having a great potential in the future. I hope you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t speak my language.

Delak, a creative portrait.

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DRAGAN ŽIVADINOV, DUNJA ZUPANČIČ in miha turšič 20110118_9233

DRAGAN ŽIVADINOV, attractor, candidate cosmonaut. DUNJA ZUPANČIČ, visual artist. MIHA TURŠIČ, designer of zero gravity dwellings. Delak is a production house exploring postgravity art and outlining space culturalisation. It produces different sorts of contemporary art practice in the field of postgravity art: informances, exhibitions, musical and theatrical productions. 20th of April they have an informance POSTGRAVITY ART at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana.

I made this group portrait at Krvavec mountain at night with a torch. What I had in mind is a feeling of space. Few days before the shoot I drove to Krvavec to check it out how and where will I shoot and I saw this grass field bent like a crater. I wanted to create a portrait that will communicate a space, energy, team, peacefulness of the night… so this is it. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Don’t forget to rate, comment and share.

PS: Did you saw my portrait of Živa in the snow at Krvavec? Worth of a click.

PPS: Sorry I haven’t blog lately. I’m lacking time for everything. Plus I lost 8GB of pictures from a job and that was the biggest fiasco that I still didn’t overcome. Now I’m shooting on both CF cards at the same time, so I have a backup + using an imagetank to back up additional. I decided that was the last time I’ve lost images like that.

Today’s premiere of avantgarde theater Anton Podbevšek Teater

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Today is a premiere of a theater show Paradigma Italo Calvino – smer: Nevidna mesta by an avantgarde theater Anton Podbevšek Teater. The building of the theater is under renovation so they made this show in a storage hall of pharmaceutical company Krka d.d. Here is a glimpse of their art. It’s very inspiring to witness a work of creation by such a dedicated team of artists orchestrated by Matjaž Berger. More info on their SITE.

Krka d.d., Skladišče končnih izdelkov Gotna vas, Novo mesto, Slovenia
Premiere: 27 December 2010 at 20:00
Also: 28, 29, 30 December 2010 at 20:00

Danes je premiera gledališke predstave Paradigma Italo Calvino – smer: Nevidna mesta, gledališča Anton Podbevšek Teater. Ker prenavljajo stavbo Anton Podbevšek Teatra, so tokratno predstavo priredili v skladišču farmacevtske tovarne Krka d.d. Tu je utrinek iz njihovih vaj. Zelo navdihujoče je bili priča delu tako predanega tima umetnikov, pod taktirko režiserja Matjaža Bergerja. Več informacij na njihovi strani.

Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Križaj

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Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Križaj 20101123_4301

Nina Fajdiga and Jasmina Križaj are authors of theater performance …in kliči me Antonia (…AND CALL ME ANTONIA). The theater performance is questioning the figure of women’s body in today’s pop culture, that is robbed of it’s personality and emotions and represented merely as an object of lust. This portrait is commissioned by Mladina weekly.

PS: I knew I want to do something along their concept, but didn’t had a clue how will I do it. We’ve met on the pump station (public space) and then I saw this sign and thought it would be funny. Sometimes people being portrayed wants to be recognizable (DAAAA!) but they really loved the idea and in 15 min we had a picture!

Janez Pipan – new creative portrait

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Janez Pipan, a theater director that directed a theater performance Persona, drama of Ingmar Bergman (famous film director).

This is my today’s portrait in my epic project of creative portraiture for Striptiz rubric of Mladina weekly. For this portrait I took a different approach, highly influenced by Erica Iris Simmons

Theater performance Livingstonov zadnji poljub directed by Nana Milčinski

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20100408_730320100408_1172_photo_alenka peterlin

A theater performance “Livingstonov zadnji poljub” is based on a book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull“, directed by Nana Milčinski. I was so impressed that words can’t describe and unfortunately also this pictures can’t. I came to a theater just after a training completely exhausted. In this trainings I push myself as far as I can go and although rarely people understand what’s this all about, it’s actually an exploration of physical and psychological boundaries of a being. And this was exactly what Richard Bach was describing in his book and when I saw the interpretation of the theater director Nana Milčinski it moved me deeply, profoundly.

Nana Milčinski 20100401_6573
Here is my portrait of Nana Milčinski, published in this issue of Mladina in Striptiz rubric.

Janja Majzelj – New Striptiz creative portrait

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Janja Majzelj, an actress was portrayed for Mladina weekly – Striptiz rubric. The assignment was in the contest of her theater performance “Chrysanthemum on Grand Piano” in Mladinsko gledališče. My first association was fantastic portrait of Stravinsky behind grand piano by Arnold Newman. I had a few scenarios that didn’t work out. First of all there is a grand piano in Mladinsko gledališče, but it was in a storage, unaccessible. We had to use a small piano. I was trying to get a chrysanthemum, but I couldn’t get a fresh flower and I wasn’t impressed by artificial chrysanthemum. On the end I decided to build a picture around a reflection on small piano.

I used a two studio flashes. One behind a piano, facing a wall and second one with a honeycomb grid, that focus the light.