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Wet Plate Collodion Selfie – vlog #45

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In this vlog I’ve made two self portraits on wet plate collodion negative and I’ve printed them on silver-gelatin paper, toned with sulfide toner. In this vlog is also a photo-challenge. Participate, comment, share, support and topshit happens!

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New creative portrait – in Wet Plate Collodion technique

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Aljaž Vindiš photo by

A portrait of Aljaž Vindiš ex-editor in chief of Tribuna student magazine. The concept is obvious for this portrait. He is ex-editor in chief so I portrayed him as a homeless person 🙂

Technically I had many problems, since my collodion is very young and I don’t know where my head is, so contrast was super low, but after I scanned it, I sort it out digitally for this publication. Actually it was meant to be published in Mladina weekly but editors hate it, so it will probably not be published :-/

I’ve shot it with Kodak Folding Brownie. It’s fun camera. It has a shallow depth of field since it is a format 10×15 cm tinplate, but it does not have a focusing ground glass. You just set up 3 meters and then set your camera on this distance. This two images were shot with f/16, exposure 1 min. Learning everyday in everyway 🙂

Aljaž Vindiš photo by

PS: I think I know why do I have low-contrast. Preprepared collodion is a fast-food photography, how ever strange that sounds in digital era. I need to mix my own collodion from scratch by Mišo’s receipt. Only problem is that some substances are the same as in gun-powder (if I remember correctly).