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Assesment of last few months in Perpignan, London and Ljubljana

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I’m back to blogosphere! Last few months I’ve been really productive last few months. The most important publication and the most important exhibition is behind me and both was very successful. In front of me big changes are waiting. In the end of November I’ll finish with my editorial work and start with freelancing again. It’s a bit weird when you have a children, to quit your regular income, but I feel deep in my guts it’s a right time. perhaps income will be lower, but I’ll be back in the business I was born to do. I’m sure in few months I’ll earn more then I earn now and I’ll have a hell of good time!

Last week in London was crucial. I was surrounded by professionals who are living from photography. From picture editors, agents, directors of agencies, people who support photographers, photographers, artist, etc. It’s a complete different galaxy I can tell you.

I ask an amazing photographer, so how do you fund your work? Well… recently I received a grant of 10.000 GBP (about 15.000 EUR), so I could devote myself entirely to my art.

Well… I replayed… it’s a living…

My father asked me if I did any business in London and I couldn’t reply neither positive or negative. Although in numbers I have only spend few hundred quid, I know it was well invested money. I discussed with many about photography, it’s market, my work and although it was some patronizing involved, I assessed that I could live in London from my photography. I feel I would enjoy swimming with sharks. Actually I decided that I’m coming back in the beginning of December with bullet proof portfolio and I’ll meet so many people! For the next year I’ll still be based in Novo mesto, but working a lot for foreign clients. Mladina is still my photojournalistic home and as a small child I’m looking forward getting rid of editorial responsibilities and going back to hard core photography.

OK. If you read this much too long post, then let me just throw some directions that my career MIGHT develop in the next three years. I’m talking with Corbis and getting involved in top stock photography production, developing relation with best German agency Laif, getting involved in photojournalism – thinking to go to Kosovo before the 10th of December, a known Slovenian band is insisting that I need to work with them on their next video spot, continue to work on my Flower Power project, publish a book of Striptiz portraits, try an aerial photography with a RC blimp,  who knows what it’ll turn out on all the meetings in London and of course giving myself a go with news photography for Mladina. True, I enjoy it big time. I’ll prepare a lightbox with my favorite news picture and you’ll see I’m having a hell of good time!

Written by Borut Peterlin

1 November, 2007 at 00:13

Posted in Photography

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