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Josip Pelikan skylight studio from 1898 is revived!

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Portreti narejeni v studiju Pelikan

Oh, man, I can’t express feelings that I have. Yesterday I’ve signed a contract with Museum of Recent History Celje, to offer my portrait services in skylight studio from 1898, where Josip Pelikan was working between 1920 and 1977. Yesterday we had a well visited press conference to announce the program. We also had guest, a renowned guest Stojan Kerbler, 75 years old photographer who is known for his superb work documenting his region Haloze. His work is often compared with Bresson’s and if you will click THIS Kerbler’s image and THIS Bresson’s image you will understand why.

To be fair, in the Josip Pelikan studio a lot of photographic activities were always going on, but in recent years solely with digital cameras. Our concept is to offer once again portraiture with nobel techniques of 19th and 20th Century. To break the ice we will start our offer with portraiture in Wet plate Collodion technique (an ambrotype) and portraiture on classic large format sheet film with enlargements on fiber based photo paper. In a month or so I’m planning to offer also cyanotypes, albumen and salt prints from wet plate negative, but I need first to make 100 plates before I will dare to include it in the offer. A huge honor for me to work in a studio that is inspiring photographers for 115 years! A big thanks goes to four women that are supporting the project. The director of the museum Tanja Roženbergar Šega, Andreja Rihter, Helena Vogelsang and last but not least Božena Pelikan, 90 year old daughter of Josip Pelikan, that took care for the heritage and inspire us with her photographical stories.

Pricing. We offer a portrait on a glass plate for 60 EUR and a classic portrait on sheet film for 50 EUR with enlargement on fiber based paper, toned in sepia and mounted on mat. Then we offer also an inkjet art prints on Hahnemuele photo rag paper (printed by Luminus) from an ambrotype portrait with or without framing. I’m not offering services every day, but on special occasions. Like holiday 8th of February day of culture and 2.March 2013 and so on. If you’re interested and you don’t like to wait, please make a reservation on email address or on phone number 00386 3 5485891. Studio Pelikan is located in Razlagova ulica 11 A, Celje, Slovenia, EU.

An inkjet print from a glass plate. Mat size 40x50cm. /// Inkjet print iz steklene plošče. Paspartu 40x50cm.

An inkjet print from a glass plate. Mat size 40x50cm. /// Inkjet print iz steklene plošče. Paspartu 40x50cm.

Wet Plate collodion on glass, size 13x18cm, framed. /// Mokri kolodij na steklu - ambrotipija, velikosti 13x18cm, v okvirju.

Wet Plate collodion on glass, framed. /// Mokri kolodij na steklu (ambrotipija) v okvirju.


Uh, ne morem opisati čustev tako vznemirjen sem. Včeraj sem podpisal pogodbo z Muzejem novejše zgodovine Celje, da bom nudil svoje usluge portretiranja v steklenem studiju iz leta 1898, kjer je ustvarjal Josip Pelikan med leti 1920 in 1977. Včeraj smo imeli zelo obiskano novinarsko konferenco, kjer smo predstavili naš program. Imeli smo tudi gosta, mojstra Stojana Kerblerja, ki ga v slovenskem prostoru poznamo tako po navdihujočem delu, ki ga je opravil, kot po energiji, ki jo še vedno velikodušno deli z mlajšimi kolegi.

Naj kar takoj povem, da so se fotografske aktivnosti vedno dogajale v Studiju Pelikan, a zadnja leta zgolj v digitalni tehniki, naš namen pa je zopet oživeti žlahtne portretne fotografske tehnike 19. in 20. stoletja. Za začetek, da prebijamo led, ponujamo portretiranje v tehniki mokri kolodij na steklu (ambrotipija) in portretiranje na klasičen velikoformatni plan film, z analognimi povečavami na baritni foto papir (fiber base). Čez kak mesec ali nekaj takega nameravam ponuditi tudi cianotipije, jajčni print in slani print iz mokrokolodijskega negativa, a pred tem moram narediti vsaj 100 plošč in printov.

Zame je to velika čast, da lahko delam v studiju, ki je posvečen fotografski prostor že 115 let! Da pa je to možno, gre zahvala štirim ženskam. Najprej direktorici muzeja Tanja Roženbergar Šega, potem bivši direktorici Andreji Rihter, ki je zgledno uredila Pelikan zbirko in steklen studio, kustodinji Helena Vogelsang, ne nazadnje pa še Boženi Pelikan, 90 letni hčeri Josipa Pelikana, ki je skrbela za njegovo dediščino od njegove smrti in nas še vedno navdihuje s svojimi fotografskimi zgodbami.

Cenik. Ponujamo portrete narejene v tehniki mokri kolodij na steklu za 60 EUR (ddv vštet) in pa klasični portret na plan film narejen z velikoformatno mehovko. Povečave iz filma so narejene po analognem fotografskem postopku na baritni fotografski papir, toniran s sepia tonerjem in kaširane na paspartu. Cena takep povečave je 50 EUR. Iz steklene ambrotipije pa ponujamo tudi digitalne inkjet printe tiskane pri podjetju Luminus na Hahnemuele photo rag papir. Opcija je tudi okvirjanje. Portretne storitve v steklenem studiju ne ponujamo vsak dan, ampak začenjamo s prvo soboto v mesecu ali ob posebnih dnevih, kot je 8. februar, dan kulture. Torej, če vas zanima pridite pogledati, če pa ne marate čakati, se prosim prosim prej naročite na ali pa na telefonsko številko 00386 3 5485891. Studio se nahaja na naslovu Razlagova ulica 11 A, Celje, Slovenia, EU

Written by Borut Peterlin

3 February, 2013 at 02:03

9 Responses

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  1. Borut,
    I predict that you will become the most successful 21st century wet plater because you will be shooting in the most beautiful, perfect studio ever built. I wish you well and much happiness. Maire


    3 February, 2013 at 03:32

  2. I think the plates are ugly. Many mistakes with recipe. Have you at least one properly done? One clear plate?


    3 February, 2013 at 07:19

  3. I am truly very happy for you, Borut! They picked the right man for the job. Congratulations!

    Gerald Figal

    3 February, 2013 at 08:29

  4. Huge congrats Borut! What a great opportunity, and what a great place to be in and do that!
    I’m in total awe of your great work, and I think your work is very important for coming generations. An art craft that must not ever be forgotten.
    Keep it up and spread the love! 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!


    3 February, 2013 at 10:11

  5. Thank you for all the comments and support.
    W. I agree, plates are not perfect, but they are the best I could do on the demonstration, while explaining the process, our programe, visions and guiding people where they can come close and where not. I have a repeated problem with light leakage. I thought I fixed it, but it reappeared, of course on the demonstration day. I’m not sure if the pressure will get easier, but one thing I’m sure. My plates will get much better. Thank you for your concern.

    A day when I was doing only photography, I got much better results:

    Borut Peterlin

    3 February, 2013 at 10:12

  6. Oh man, big congratulation to you my friend. You will undoubtedly do well in this spirit of creativity and art!!
    “May inspiration move you through time”!!

    John Fink Jr.

    4 February, 2013 at 06:47

  7. Good luck and all the best Borut!


    5 February, 2013 at 17:52

  8. Good luck and do not worry about the nay sayers your passion for this process will guide your hand, any technical help you need you can get from the facebook groups .I know Alex timmerman /Alex Alexey /Mark Osterman/Luther Gerlach will chime in to help if you get stuck.

    Richard Mellor

    9 February, 2013 at 22:13

  9. Thank you guys! I appreciate and need your support, since beginnings are hard! I couldn’t make it without generous support of Miša Keskenović and also other people offered very much needed help. Yesterday we had a national holiday in Slovenia. 8th of February is day of culture and it’s day free of work, when people devote the day for museums and art on general. Yesterday we offered our portraiture to public and I was working really hard for four hours straight. Actually five, if I count cleaning and setting everything. But we did great! We had many customers and my plates were nice and clean. I wish I would find time to show them to you today, but it’ll have to wait for few more days. Lots of things going on. Good things!

    Borut Peterlin

    10 February, 2013 at 01:02

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