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Jure Robič is leading on RAAM

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jure_ROBIC photo: www.borutpeterlin

jure_ROBIC photo: http://www.borutpeterlin

I’ve made a portrait of Jure Robič for Peugeot / Futura just before he went to USA for RAAM, Race Accross America. He is really kind person and we enjoyed the shooting. Next day I was listening a conversation with him on a radio and journalist asked him when he decided for a bicycle among all the sports he try them out? He answered that when he was a little boy his family was going for a trip with their car Fičo (Zastava 750) and while they were climbing Vršič pass (1611 m) two cyclist overtake them and it took ages that their car catch them in the valley. He was describing that he was astonished by the freedom of movement that bicycle allows, so the same day asked his mother if he’s going to be excellent in school she will buy him a bicycle. Of course on the end of the school year he had all straight A marks and he received a bike with five gears. (I think was something like this bike). Jure Robič is leading the RAAM race and you can follow him live on Internet on

Anyway it made me thinking how small everyday events change children’s life. And now I’m thinking what small everyday event will inspire my daughters for life? Will I recognize it?


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  1. Nil

    Yes u have to

    19 June, 2009 at 11:24

  2. Loved your blurb about Jure Robic! It’s true – we often don’t have any idea of the impact of what we say or do – and how it affects others, positively or negatively.

    Jure Robic flew through our RAAM Time Station #5 in Congress, Arizona on Thursday morning with his ooompa ooompa music blaring from his follow vehicle and he flashed me a huge grin – tho he didn’t stop.

    I posted 2 videos on at –
    for those who want to see him in action.

    His crew came by to check out our RAAM Time Station where we provide an Internet cafe, a pool to cool off in, cold water, iced lemonade, souvenir t-shirts, fresh-picked grapefruit, etc.


    23 June, 2009 at 01:19

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