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My best photo-movie / Fotopub Festival 2011

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This is a photo-movie I’ve done at the Fotopub festival, multimedia workshop tutored by Mike Lusmore and Rebecca Harley. For you who don’t understand the proper language, I know subtitles are not “reader friendly”, but I’ll fix that soon.
As for a Fotopub assessment, I thought I know something about multimedia, but I learned just how little do I know. I learned hugely about sound, how to recored it properly, edit it, narrative of sound recording and of course how to stick it together in a photo-movie. I find photo-movie a really huge genre that I’m planning to devote my attention also in the future (so much fun).


Chess is my (another) passion

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Last week I was playing on a chess tournament in my town of Dolenjske Toplice. I wasn’t feeling very good and I was playing even worse, but the level was really high. It was 110 participants from at least four countries and three of them were chess Grandmasters! When I lost a game fast (quite few times) I did some photography and here is the result.

Kitchen recepit for a real men!

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Receipt for usage of a kitchen for real men:
1) remove wheels from your roller blades
2) put it in the oven on 70C for 10 min (ventilator on!)
3) Put hot roller blades on your leg
4) fasten your laces as tight as you can
5) After 30 min take off roller blades
6) Screw back your wheels
7) come to hockey training today, on Sunday or on Wednesday at 19.00 in Dolenjske Toplice!

PS: I suggest that a real man gets in a kitchen when his wife is at sleep!

Written by Borut Peterlin

3 July, 2011 at 10:18

Jure Robič is leading on RAAM

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jure_ROBIC photo: www.borutpeterlin

jure_ROBIC photo: http://www.borutpeterlin

I’ve made a portrait of Jure Robič for Peugeot / Futura just before he went to USA for RAAM, Race Accross America. He is really kind person and we enjoyed the shooting. Next day I was listening a conversation with him on a radio and journalist asked him when he decided for a bicycle among all the sports he try them out? He answered that when he was a little boy his family was going for a trip with their car Fičo (Zastava 750) and while they were climbing Vršič pass (1611 m) two cyclist overtake them and it took ages that their car catch them in the valley. He was describing that he was astonished by the freedom of movement that bicycle allows, so the same day asked his mother if he’s going to be excellent in school she will buy him a bicycle. Of course on the end of the school year he had all straight A marks and he received a bike with five gears. (I think was something like this bike). Jure Robič is leading the RAAM race and you can follow him live on Internet on

Anyway it made me thinking how small everyday events change children’s life. And now I’m thinking what small everyday event will inspire my daughters for life? Will I recognize it?

On the premiere of Jure Breceljnik’s film about Natalija Gros, european champion in climbing

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Jure Breceljnik, film director and Natalija Gros, european champion in climbing on the premiere of film Chalk and Chocolate that is about Natalija and her climbing philosophy. Projection was a part of Mountain Film Festival in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

PS: THeir film won an award as the best film on the festival! Congrats my friend!

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19 March, 2009 at 00:28

Pictures for new calendar of TPV volleyball team from Novo mesto

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Last week I’ve done also a shoot for calendar of TPV volleyball team from Novo mesto. The concept was urban concrete background with washed out colors + balance as a body posture. Dresses were made by Nives Dančulovič and hairdressing and make up by Karma. Unfortunately girls didn’t had appropriate shoes, so there were photographed bare footed. I like that except on pictures where they wear stockings. I’m publishing unfinished pictures. I’ll hire a person to do post production in a consistent manner.
First impression?

PS: HERE is a link to behind the scene pics by Nives

Written by Borut Peterlin

26 October, 2008 at 14:55